Current Projects

TED Sanitation Fund

Tom and Erin Daly

Tom and Erin Daly

The TED Sanitation Fund began with a generous donation to Bentley University from Tom and Erin Daly. Tom (MBA ’14) was in Ghana in October of 2013 studying innovation and leadership. He met the inventor of the Biofil Toilet System and saw first-hand the need for innovative solutions to the sanitation problem in crowded urban areas. The urban poor spend more money for the daily use of substandard public latrines than middle-class families spend on “suck trucks” that empty their septic tanks. The TED Sanitation Fund will enable urban poor families to have a private toilet installed on credit, and their budget for daily toilet use will be paid instead to the TED Sanitation Fund. After two years of paying back the loan, urban poor families have actually saved money. Even better, the fund is available again for the purchase of more private toilets.

Bentley University partnered with Hope for Africa to implement the project. Bentley students who travel to Ghana will learn about marketing to the urban poor and about sustainable sanitation as they visit installations of the Biofil Toilet System in urban poor communities, with members of those communities as their guides.

Sankofa Ecovillage

Sankofa Ecovillage is a major Hope for Africa (HFA) project slated for development in the Republic of Ghana, West Africa. In 2010 HFA acquired 28-acres with the option to buy an adjoining 22 acre tract in the Village of Kwasi Nyarko near the town of Nswam. This land is the site of the Sankofa Eco village (SEV) development. The project will attract Ecovillage and permaculture activists, study abroad students, volunteer abroad youth and adults, student interns interested in rural development, teacher/educator study tours and tourist interested in Ghanaian culture and ecotourism. Most importantly, SEV will feature a residential development for people interested in relocating to Ghana. Because the SEV is a major development project, a complete section of our website is devoted to telling the project’s story. Click here Sankofa Ecovillage for more information.


SEV Ecocottage Architect’s rendering of SEV Eco-cottages using Earth Bag building system

Rehabilitation of Regional Health Clinic Adjohoun, Benin

Hope for Africa (HFA) received an Arrete (land grant) from the City of Adjohoun on January 12, 2006 (Click here Adjohoun Arrete to see copy of the document with site plan).  The property granted to HFA formerly housed a clinic operated by an American based church organization before Benin got its independence in 1960. When the Benin government adopted socialism, the church group left the country abandoning the clinic. The clinic served a large rural farming region in the fertile valley that extends along the Oueme River.  The City awarded the property to HFA to rehabilitate and reopen the clinic to serve the Oueme valley community. The closest health facilities to Adjohoun are in Porto-Novo (15 miles) or Cotonou (35 miles). The site plan shows five existing buildings on the property including the maternity ward, outpatient clinic, dispensary, pharmacy and latrines.

Adjojoun Outpatient
Existing outpatient building at Adjohoun Clinic Site to be renovated

Out Patient Building
Architect’s rendering of renovated out patient facility Adjohoun clinic

HFA engaged a local construction company to provide a cost estimate for a phased rehabilitation plan for the health clinic.  Phase I of the rehab plan includes: 1) Rehab of the existing outpatient clinic ($53, 370), 2) Rehab of the maternity ward ($80,000), 3) Rehab of the pharmacy building ($49,000), 4) Rehab of latrines/bathrooms ($26,445), 5) Construction of compound wall/fence ($43,500) and 6) Rehab of the electric generator ($19,503). Total Phase I rehab cost excluding equipment is $271, 818. Phase II of the rehab plan begins 12 to 18 months after Phase I is finished or whenever funds are available to complete the rehab. Phase II consists of a new administrative building ($175,817) and a building for specialized surgical procedures ($120,798).

HFA will acquire medical equipment through the Brockton, MA based American Medical Resource Foundation (AMRF). AMRF donates medical equipment and supplies for free and only charge for the cost of collecting, refurbishing, warehousing and shipping.  Equipment recipients pay ocean freight (usually around $3000 – $5000 for 20 or 40 ft. containers) including a container preparation fee. With advanced planning and under a separate application/proposal process, AMRF also offers technical assistance and onsite training at recipient clinics. Qualified biomedical engineers and technicians teach maintenance procedures and assist in equipment calibration and setup. Shipping cost (2 containers X $5,000 = $10,000), on-site technical assistance ($8,000) and miscellaneous cost ($12,000 prep fees, customs, tariffs, unforeseen expenses) total $30,000. The startup and 12 months operating capital is projected to cost $75,000 USD.

HFA’s secondary equipment source is MedShare based in Decatur, Georgia. MedShare is a non-profit organization similar to AMRF that collects, refurbishes and ships medical equipment and supplies to overseas hospitals and clinics.

Benin AIDS Awareness Collaborative

Since June 2007 Hope for Africa has participated in an AIDS education collaborative with four local organizations in Benin (ONG Benin Espoir, SIDACTION Benin, AFRIQUE ESPOIR SOLIDARITE and COMPLEXE SCOLAIRE/LES VALLIANTS). Since its inception the project has provided AIDS awareness workshops to over 1,200 participants between the ages of 12 and 25. This is an ongoing project that HFA is committed to continuing in an effort to take action against the scourge of AIDS/HIV.

AIDS Awareness workshop Participants attend HFA sponsored AIDS awareness workshop

Africa Educational and Cultural Tours

The sponsorship of educational and cultural tours is a major Hope for Africa program. A complete section of our website is devoted to our education and cultural tours program. Click here Tours to Africa for more information on our educational and cultural tours to African nations.

HFA Tour 3HFA tour group take pirogue ride on Lake Volta near Ada to visit an island in the lake

Prix D’Excellence Annual Scholarship Awards

Since 2004 Hope for Africa (HFA) has awarded a minimum of 10 scholarships annually for academic excellence to students at the University of Abomey-Calavi in the Republic of Benin. HFA mentored the founding of Benin Espoir a student NGO and collaborates with the organization for annual awards. The gender ratio of the awards is 50/50 female and male students. A total of 150 scholarships have been awarded since the program started. Benin Espoir initiated a high school version of the program extending awards to over 200 students. The Prix D’Excellence is an ongoing HFA program.

Scholarship AwardsHFA Reg. VP Dr. Joyce Hope Scott gets gift from Benin Esproir Pres. Henri Agassounon at Prix D’ Excellence annual scholarship awards program