Founding Principles

Hope for Africa adopted a set of principles that are included in its founding articles and by-laws. These principles are as follows:

* Build a strong, perpetual, economic, cultural and spiritual bridge between Africa and the African Diaspora for the greater development of Africa continentally and globally

* Assist African Nations to develop their natural and human resources so that Africa becomes a 21st Century continent

* Encourage and obtain the involvement of the African Diaspora in the development of Africa’s natural and human resources

* Enhance the development of African Diaspora youth by exposure to African cultures to engender stronger self-concepts and historical insight

* To expose African youth to positive aspects of African Diaspora cultures globally to increase awareness and connectivity to Africans in the Diaspora

* To nourish, preserve and develop the exploding African population both on the continent and in all global regions

* To identify humanitarian, economic development, social, health, housing and educational projects that can be launched by the corporation across the African continent